Welcome to your next new unit 

We threw the rules out of the window and picked up a clean sheet of paper

We abandoned outdated methods & materials used by other manufacturers

We eliminated,one by one, the design faults in existing units, our units are 100% operator & user friendly

We designed our chassis, exploited technology to help our build, researched and tooled up to make the many
innovations that are incorporated into everyone of our units.

We design with 3D CAD software and just to make doubly sure, our designs are verified by
an Independant Certified Mechanical Engineer as to fitness for purpose.

We commissioned the production of our own metal sections from one of the UK leading manufacturers.

We accepted no compromise, it works all the time, every time,or it's rejected or redesigned

We don't have fancy titles for our units, we just have have three series of build,


  Quality Bespoke, any size, any internal finish. No standard unit fob-off, You dream it, we make it happen

Read more on the concept page


 Quality Bespoke, engineered for High Volume High Capacity events.  Thoroughbred Workhorses capable of flat out running all day. Serviceable whilst still in operation, 

Read more on the EVENTER page

The Rot Proof Shower

 The most technically advanced shower unit available in the market today

Read more on the Rot Proof Shower page

Website currently under construction come back soon

We  now offer our range of newly designed and tested All Stainless Steel Fully Serviceable Filter Boxes  to operators of all makes of units.

Available in single to triple stage filtration, 4mm to 50 micron

Contact us to discuss your needs.

We will manufacture your filter box to your exact requirements



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